The Pay-it-forward Karma swap

Every so often I jump into the Rav Cuppa Tea? Karma swap.  Not as often as I’d like, considering what’s usually offered, but occasionally.

This pay it forward swap works like this:
– Someone posts “I have item A up for grabs, who wants it?”
– Someone else posts “Ooh, I’d like item A please! I have item B to offer!
– Another party says, “Item B looks great to me! I’ll offer up item C!”

And so on and so forth… Since you don’t get something back directly, that’s where the karma part comes in. Someone else will get your item and pass the gift along in the form of another gift to someone else. This way, people can offer up tea, yarn, or tea related items that they’re not interested in anymore, and items can make their way to people who will love them.

I just claimed an offer by Mary in Pennsylvania, with some black teas (some Spanish, some Fortnum & Mason), some green teas from Tea Haus (almond biscuit and baked apple), some rooibos teas from Tea Haus, and more!

My offer of a bunch of bagged and loose teas plus vanilla halvah was grabbed by Rike in Switzerland, so that’s going out tomorrow.

Also going out tomorrow is my “Make-a-scarf”  swap package to Lennette in Florida.  Can’t wait to see what she sends me!

C’mon, you didn’t think this swapaholic would neglect getting her fix this month, now, did you?


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