Galilee Party

After a week-long heat wave of temperatures in the mid 80s, it has gotten a bit cooler again. The sun is still hot, but in the shade it’s quite chilly…making it very hard to decide what to wear.

On Saturday there was a family party – a grand-nephew’s ninth birthday – a beautiful day, but we were constantly putting on jackets over the t-shirts in the shade, and peeling them off in the sun.

We were at a park in Koranit in the Galilee.  Beautiful view, if a bit hazy, surrounded by fields of early flowers.

Everyone posed for pictures!

We decided to let the menfolk do the cooking…

After lunch, no birthday is complete without a cake, and we had two!

Augmented by marshmallows…

I took advantage of the day to work on my second Ravelympics project, of course…

(That’s the project bag that Kathy made me – holds a ball of yarn and a project perfectly!)

Then it was just lazy time, for the kids

and for the  adults!

A beautiful spring day…in the midst of winter.


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