Carrying your house around with you

Heather Webber blogged last week about having to upgrade to a larger purse…and in my comment there I had to admit to a sad but true fact.

I am a serial murderer of handbags. 

I am.  I so overload my bags that they fall apart, some more quickly than others.  It usually starts with the pockets tearing, then the straps.  I now shop only for bags that have the straps as part of the material of the bag, not held by any clip or buckle.  The shopkeepers don’t believe me when I shop, they keep offering me bags that Just. Won’t. Do.

What do I carry around that is so heavy?  A very large – and full – wallet, with ID, cash, bank and credit cards and shop membership cards, checks, health care cards and reference numbers for everyone, driver’s license, etc. etc.  (I’m also a serial killer of wallets.)  My cell phone and bluetooth thingy.  House keyring and work keyring.  Palm pilot.  mp3 player and earphones.  Disk on key.  Emergency first aid supplies.  Make up, nail care and hair care necessities.  Tissues.  That disinfectant gel for washing hands.  Flashlight.  Camera with extra batteries.  Sunglasses in case.  At least one book.  Notebook, pens & pencils.  Foldable fan.  Tin of mints.  Bus cards.  Special gloves for when the Carpal Tunnel flares up.  A whatchamcallit for the grocery cart.  Bills that need to be paid, tickets for anything that needs to be picked up, etc.  And whatever else I need for any particular day.


Obviously, I need lots of pockets in my bags, otherwise I’d never find anything.  And obviously, the best option is a backpack, which I do use sometimes, but a lot of times I prefer a shoulderbag, since everything is more accessible.

I’m not sure why I feel that all of this is essential.  I first started carrying around the first aid supplies when kidlet was small, and never stopped.  It’s a fact of life that if I leave anything out, that’s sure to be the day that I’ll desperately need whatever it is I left at home.  So…I shlep.  I can’t understand those folks who have these small bags that weigh next to nothing.  How on earth do they manage?

Have you noticed what’s missing?  Yep, the knitting.  I have a seperate bag for that.  I carry both.  The knitting bag has my current WIPs ( or some of them), patterns, and all the things I’ll need, from extra needles to stitchmarkers to tape measure to scissors…and so on.   On rare occasions I’ll leave the knitting bag at home and stuff one of the project bags into my handbag.   

What do you carry around with you?   Are you a big bag person like me, or do you travel light?



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