I was riding the bus the other day, happily knitting away and managing cables without dropping the needles, when some folks helped a blind fellow on and he sat next to me.  We started to chit chat, and he seemed very happy that I was talking with him.  He told me his name was Abraham. 

After only a few minutes, he offered me a job…told me he needed someone to help him run errands and just take walks, only a couple of days a week, and he would pay well.  Seemed rather sudden, but I thanked him and told him my schedule was much too hectic, any free time I have outside of work is usually spent with my kid.  He persisted a bit, but when I continued to say no thanks he stopped.  He did give me his phone number, if I happen to change my mind.

Next he tried to pick me up….wanted to buy me lunch or dinner and have a “good time”.  I told him I have a family, thanks anyway.  He backed off, although he threw in a comment that these days anything goes…. 

I moved the conversation to more general things.  We chatted about the the weather, the state of the world, kids – he said he didn’t hear from his kids or grandkids much – local politics…  We didn’t talk about my knitting, although my hands were busy the entire time. 

He asked me to tell him when we reached his stop, which I did.  We parted with him reminding me that I have his number, and I can call any time.

I felt rather sad about the whole thing.  His loneliness that he didn’t or couldn’t hide, while still determined to protect his dignity.  How much he appreciated someone showing him kindness. 

I admire his independence.  He asked for no one’s help when he got off the bus.

But he was asking me, briefly,  for help.  A total stranger whom he couldn’t see, knew nothing about.  Help that I can’t give. 

If anyone in the area does have time, would like to help a fellow out, run errands or just chat, I have Avraham’s phone number.


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