The Games Have Begun!

On Friday the 12th the Winter Olympic games officially began – and so did the Ravelympics!

I woke up to record the opening ceremony (which I thought was stunning!) so we could watch it later at our convenience, and since I was up at 4 am Saturday anyway… I cast on for my project for the Vintage Bitches team – the Noble Cowl.

I’m now halfway through the chart the first time – the pattern calls for doing the chart 2-1/2 times.

A little later in the morning the Haifa contingent of  Team Falafel got together for a cast-on party.   Ayelet greeted us at the door

photo by Marina

there were great decorations all over,

we had lots of good food, and I cast on for my next project, 198 yds of heaven.

Haven’t had much knitting time since then, but I have managed to finish the chart the first time…another 1-1/2 repeats and then the lace border chart.  I love how this pattern is working out!!  Even without blocking, the yarn is showing the lace.  Blocked it will be great.

I have another two projects in mind if I finish these – one a glove design, and another cowl.   And there may be a frogging event project as well…

Good luck to all athletes in Vancouver, and to all Ravthletes everywhere!  See you at the finish line!


2 Responses to “The Games Have Begun!”

  1. Valentina Says:

    I’m really enjoying the Winter Olympics (although the weather has not been kind) and now we can all enjoy the Ravelympics too!

  2. Courtney Says:

    What are you doing playing on the internet? Go knit!

    (That’s what Matt has said to me every time he’s caught me on the computer since Saturday morning.)

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