Stretched thin

Another week begins.

Tossed and turned all last night and got no sleep at all.  Heard the paper being dropped outside the door, was up to hear the alarm start its little symphony.

Work was crazy.  Beginning of the week, calendars to fill, trying to coordinate several meetings with up to a dozen people, and each time there’s one that simply couldn’t make that particular time.  Paperwork, paperwork.  Running after 14 people who had to turn in reports so I could consolidate and polish and get it to my boss.  Putting together a report for boss’ boss that involved lots of calculating and organizing a whole bunch of little notes and papers into one cohesive (17 page) report.  Answering mail, making travel arrangements…  Preparing a presentation that needs input from 7 other people who hadn’t gotten around to it yet.  And lots of other routine stuff. 

Came home to kidlet who has been sick with a cold for a few days and is now almost all better, no more fever, but is in the leftover coughing fit stage and wants constant tea and attention. 

Finished the Bitterroot, but I’m just too tired to block it tonight. 

Bed beckons.  I doubt I’ll toss and turn tonight.


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