Isha L’Isha

Or in English:  Woman to Woman.  The Haifa Feminist Center. 

I was in the original collective that founded Isha L’Isha in 1982.  We lived, ate and breathed the collective.  We worked out of our homes.  We ruled that everyone in the collective must also work at either the rape crisis center or the battered women’s shelter in town, and we managed to unite different groups that had up until then been totally separate.  We became a family.  We put up tables in all areas of town, and did mostly grass-roots activities.  When we received our first grant to be able to afford rent on an actual physical place in 1984, I became the first paid coordinator for two incredible years.  After my stint, I stayed in the collective for many more years. 

Today, it’s an amazing organization that achieves and reaches far more than we did back then.  The original group has scattered to all corners of the country and the globe.  Many of us are still in touch.  Some of us have reconnected in the past few months on facebook. 

Now Talma, one of the old timers, has decided to publish a book for Isha L’Isha’s 30th anniversary coming up in two years.  (Wow!)  She sent me an email asking me to contribute.  There has been a flurry of emails as we try and find those of the original group who have fallen out of touch.  Some have already written their stories for the book.  I have agreed to write mine.

The problem is going to be keeping it brief!   So many amazing experiences, women, struggles, successes, it was a period of great change. We held conferences, marches.  We set up dozens of support groups.  We ran a café.   I have a wonderful task and challenge before me to document that time as I saw it.

I’ll keep you updated!


2 Responses to “Isha L’Isha”

  1. Tali Says:

    I really don’t know where to start.

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