The cup is just as important as the tea?

I just ordered another tea mug.

I shouldn’t have.  I really shouldn’t.  I have lots of mugs, and love most of them.  There’s not much more room left in the cabinet.  My mug stash is as bad as my tea stash, my book stash, and my yarn stash.  SABLE City in a small flat.  (That’s “Stash Above and Beyond Life Expectancy”)   My avatar on many sites is one that combines three of my favourite things:  tea, yarn, and cats.  I should take a picture of this mug sitting on a book, preferably a mystery, and it would be an even more apt statement.

I’ve already posted a picture of my goddess mug I use at work.  My standard morning mug at home is known clearly as “MOM’S MUG”, and is not to be touched by others…  Perfect for that first gotta-wake-up-now-so-leave-me-alone cuppa.

Partner’s favourite is one I also use occasionally…

One mug I received as a gift is one I love drinking tea from – its shape and asymmetry  so suit my sense of things sometimes.

I have perhaps six or seven mugs with cute sheep on them, but some of those are a set…  Several of my mugs are covered with feminist quotes, some with Yiddish sayings, there are mugs from places we’ve visited around the world.

There are special mugs for tea – a few one-cup pot sets like this one, which I absolutely adore when I’m making special tea just for me.

(Different on each side…)

I also have Ravelry’s   “Attitude Adjustment” mug  – but I don’t have a picture of it changing from disagree to agree.

For fun, Leafbox Tea has a page of quirky mugs here for the tea-drinker seeking something unusual.

There are quite a few knitters’ mugs I covet on zazzle and cafepress … but so far I’ve been able to resist temptation.   Just barely.  There are some there I really would love.  (Hint, hint to those people who always ask me what I want for a gift.)

Aside:  Actually, I’m extremely easy to buy gifts for, I think.  Anything having to do with good yarn, patterns, knitting notions, good tea and tea accessories (mugs included), beads, puzzles, folk music, and/or a cozy mystery and I’m in heaven.  Not hard at all.

But back to the subject at hand.  So what mug did I just break down and order?  What mug broke through my defenses?  This one:

Yarn on the outside, and on the inside and handle it says “Knit one, sip one”.  Isn’t it great????


So….what are your favourite tea cups/mugs?  Or even coffee mugs?  Meh.


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2 Responses to “The cup is just as important as the tea?”

  1. Courtney Says:

    I just got a new tea mug from my FIL for Christmas, and I was initially excited about it because it came with an infuser (I prefer loose teas) and a cover. But sadly the infuser doesn’t work very well and I wind up drinking tea leaves, and also I hate the handle. But it has a pretty design!

    I bought myself a new tea set to cheer myself up last fall, and while it’s very pretty, I don’t love the elegant little tea cups or their handles, and the tea pot doesn’t have an infuser so I don’t use it very often either.

    Clearly I’m more about function and feel than beauty when it comes to my tea cups.

    • eclecticitee Says:

      I got little paper fold-over filters that I put the loose tea in, I don’t like inhaling tea leaves with my tea and I don’t like cleaning the leaves out afterwards… I have some great infusers, but I barely use them!

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