Jury duty

 East Boston cat called to jury duty.

I love bureaucracy.  It is so often a portrait of absurdity.  Where on earth did they get the cat’s details?  I’m assuming he doesn’t have a social security number, or voter registration…isn’t that where they usually pull a jury pool from?  And to deny the family’s request to have him excused….because, after all, he’s not actually human….?  Did they say to themselves, oh look, here’s another fool trying to get out of jury duty by claiming he’s a cat?  I wonder what other animals folks have  claimed to be to make the court system so jaded.

Now I’m trying to imagine Nike on a jury.  She would observe haughtily.  She would wonder why they were disturbing her nap.

She would certainly be fascinated and want to inspect closely any evidence presented.  There is of course the risk that she would scamper off with it.  And I’m certain she wouldn’t sit quietly, but climb on the backs of the other chairs and roll around on the floor.

She would probably want to attack the gavel, and pounce on the judge’s hands.  And while she wouldn’t have any problem taking a bath in front of everyone, where on earth would they put a litter box?!  And if the defendant didn’t pay enough attention to her, “enough” being a very high standard in her eyes, she would absolutely vote guilty.

I think most cats would vote most humans guilty in any case.  Oh, but come on, what am I saying?  Silly me!  Nike isn’t old enough to serve!

I honestly think Sal’s owners should take him to the court on his appointed duty date.  And they should be very sure to invite as much of the media as possible.  The bureaucratic incompetency should be highlighted, and maybe somewhere someone may actually start to listen to people again.  (Unless, of course, the above news report did indeed cause someone to wake up and pay attention…)


3 Responses to “Jury duty”

  1. Roberta Says:

    This must be some kind of record…
    I am at a loss for words 🙂

  2. Roberta Says:

    Just wanted to add that I love Nike’s pictures, especially the first one.
    And BTW – he looks old enough to me! 😉

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