Earth to Chana…

I have been in Space Cadet mode the last few days, not sure why.  I would say not enough sleep, but I got a lot of sleep Friday night, sufficient (I thought)  to catch up.

I’m jumpimg around between short spates of knitting, reading, watching the tube, aimless net surfing, and even some chores around the house.

Yesterday I received bookmarks in the mail – some signed – from the Cozy Chicks.  I love bookmarks.  I have knitted bookmarks, magnetic bookmarks, beaded bookmarks, author bookmarks.  Once upon a time, for a whole year I used a peacock feather.  Gone are the days when I would mark my place in a book with the electric bill or a used train ticket.  I don’t have a strip of gold like Nero Wolfe, but hey, we all find our level.  I don’t dog-ear pages like Nero Wolfe either.

Current books:  Kind of stuck with my reading at the moment, actually.  Reading a book to review that I’m simply not liking very much, thus it’s more of a chore to read.  So I’m on-and-off ignoring it,  instead preferring to enjoy the book Knit Lit, edited by Linda Roghaar and Molly Wolf – we all love a good yarn.  (ouch…sorry)

Jumping to a new topic (in keeping with my current state) – bought partner’s birthday present – tickets to Lord of the Dance this week for all three of us.  For the price of the tickets we almost could have flown to the UK to see them there, sheesh.  Still, I’m excited, partner’s excited, kidlet hasn’t yet decided if she’s excited or not (but she’ll love it).

Time to jump around again, maybe I’ll go watch House M.D.


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