“Artisan” teas

For all you tea-lovers out there who haven’t yet discovered 52teas.com, if you go visit you’re in for a treat.

I am normally not into anything “designer”, designer teas included. But I gave this site a try, just because some of the teas intrigued me.

This is a fellow who makes hand-blended “artisan” loose leaf teas, a new blend every week, and once that tea is gone it’s gone – limited edition style. Also very reasonable shipping – I think it’s free to the US and Canada, and not much for the rest of the world.  (And I am not affiliated with these folks in any way, except for being a good customer!)

My very first order was their Pumpkin Pie-flavoured Indian Black tea, and it is yummy! Don’t know how they got the pumpkin flavour in there, since most pumpkin-flavoured tea falls short of the mark, but the spices are just right, not at all overpowering like I feared.

Then I tried the Banana Split flavoured tea.  First you taste the banana, then the chocolate  with a hint of vanilla in there….and finally you realise that there’s a cherry on top you didn’t notice at first. The black tea comes through and keeps it from being overly sweet.

Another tea of theirs I have is the Chai with Chocolate – there are actually little chocolate  chips in with the tea, and the chai spices are subtle rather than strong.  (I generally like strong chai, but this is soothing.)

Also in my cupboard are the Malted Genmaicha, the Champagne Mojito Flavored Green Tea, the Vanilla Date Black Tea, and their basic black Assam tea RadioactiviTEA.

Despite the tea cupboard being rather full…I am now eying the Eggnog Rooibos , and the Buttered Cinnamon Raisin Toast flavored black tea.  I am passing on the Maple Bacon black tea, thank you very much, not kosher!

If you like teas that are tasty, and a bit fun, try it out!   (And if you order something, don’t forget to tell ’em that Chana sent you!)

Note:  As soon as all the pictures are organised, more about the knitting retreat!!

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