Surprises and WIPs

Surprise #1.

My friend Batya is nuts.  I love her, though.  And I told her that this week.  I dropped by to visit her, and she had a surprise for me.  She said she felt so bad that I had worked so hard on a fantastic scarf for her and then she couldn’t accept it because of her allergy…so she knit me a present!   She found some lovely lilac-coloured yarn, and knitted me this shawl:

It’s huge!  And soft. And warm. And beautiful. And I feel blessed.

Surprise #2.

Our friend Galia from the Israeli knitters group has been going through a rough time – her baby daughter Tamar has been very ill, and the treatments/hospital time has totally disrupted their lives.  Our group wanted to help, but there was nothing we could do, really.  We felt so helpless!  So we did the only thing we could possibly do – we knitted (or crocheted).  We made a patchwork baby blanket and pillow for Tamar, with friends from all over Israel making squares.  It was sent to Galia this week, and she was totally shocked and moved.

Here are the squares I made:

We’re all getting together for a knitting retreat this weekend,  so we’ll be able to tell stories and adventures about making the blanket!  (More about the retreat later!)

In other WIP and FO news:

The Abstract Leaves Cowl blocked beautifully

The Ameeta scarf is sailing along – I’ll be using four balls of yarn, and I’m halfway through the third.

Partner’s nieces have asked for ponchos.  They decided on brown,  I chose a bulky yarn and the Arrowhead Poncho pattern.  Doing two rectangles at once, the second one will be smaller, so I’ll omit one repeat.

I’m terribly tempted by a KAL for this month, a lace shawl with beads by a designer I love.  I know, I know,  I have too many WIPs that I really need to finish.  But it’s lace.  And beads.  And I have the perfect yarn for it.

Did I mention it’s lace?  And with beads?

Maybe I’ll cast on after I finish one more project.


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