Purple rules!!

My package in the Purple Rules! swap has arrived!

Astrid sent me some lovely goodies from Reykjavík.

There’s  a book filled with Icelandic lace patterns (luckily she also sent the English translation), 4 skeins of Icelandic lace weight wool in purple and three shades of grey, and 3 skeins of sport weight in purples and cream, a wonderful CD, yummy chocolates and candies, and a card that is also a mitten pattern!

She also knitted me a purple lace stole, which was a special treat.  Isn’t it beautiful?

I don’t even remember when my devotion to purple began.  I do remember my father warning that if I brought any more clothes or shoes home in purple he was going to throw them out…and this was many decades ago!  And I’ve never outgrown it.

Actually, I like most colours.  Bright, muted, doesn’t matter.  I really love rainbows – how fortunate that something I love can also be my political statement. The only colour I really can’t stand is pink.  Maybe because my mom tried to dress me in pink a lot?  Maybe at a very deep level I’m rejecting gender conditioning?  Or maybe I just don’t like pink and that’s it.

In any case, I’ve received my fix for yarn, lace, and purple all at once, and it doesn’t get much better than that.


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