Are you a pop lover or a pop hater?

Now that the holidays are over and packages have been wrapped, sent, received and opened, I have to discuss…..bubble wrap. 

Bubble wrap is a very handy thing.  The encyclopedia defines it as a pliable transparent plastic material commonly used for packing fragile items. Regularly spaced, protruding air-filled hemispheres (“bubbles”) provide cushioning for precious or breakable items.

Whether it’s used in sheets to wrap fragile items, or lining envelopes to protect everything inside, it is an item any inventor would be proud of.   It was, in fact,  created by two engineers, Alfred Fielding and Marc Chavannes, in 1957. 

People in the world can be divided into two categories regarding bubble wrap.  Those who love to pop the bubbles, and those who can’t stand the sound of the bubbles being popped.  Partner falls into the latter category, the popping drives her up the wall.  Kidlet and I are poppers.  We have totally different popping styles, however.  I like to pop the bubbles one by one, sometimes in a row, sometimes randomly.  Kidlet likes to twist the wrap causing a multiple pop of many bubbles at once, or sometimes she likes to put it on the floor and step/jump around on it.  We have both learned to pop away when partner is not present, as she tends to shriek at us otherwise. 

I’m not exactly sure why popping the bubbles is so satisfying.  It’s not about just making noise – although I prefer a good loud “pop”….the “fffft” when the air just gets pushed out is no fun.   It certainly serves no purpose, although some do say it alleviates stress.   (While partner would say it causes her stress…)  So I really have no explanation.  I just like doing it.   Some websites even provide a “virtual bubble wrap” program which displays a sheet of bubble wrap that users may “pop” by clicking on the bubbles.  I haven’t bothered with these sites, it just isn’t the same as holding a sheet of protruding air-filled hemispheres in your hands to pop. 

The bubble wrap I buy in rolls to wrap gifts is not for popping, obviously.  That’s kept safe and unpopped in the cupboard.  And for some reason that just wouldn’t be any fun to pop.  But bubble wrap from the store, or from a package, is fair game.  One of the perks of the holidays.

If you’re really addicted, “Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day” is celebrated on the last Monday of January.  

Are you a bubble wrap popper?  Do you immediately toss it into the trash so that the potential poppers can’t get their hands on it?   Do you, stalwart soul, reuse/recycle it?  Or do you choose to ignore the entire subject?


4 Responses to “Are you a pop lover or a pop hater?”

  1. Eyleen Says:

    Pop, Pop, Pop—need I say more?

  2. Esther Says:

    I love the popping sound. Especially when I walk in one of the children’s rooms and tread on some discarded wrap, accidentally popping a few bubbles – it’s both soft and exciting a the same time :0)

    • eclecticitee Says:

      Oh, that’s fun!

      The cat popped some accidentally once….it was exciting, but I don’t think she enjoyed the terrified leap into the air.

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