Holiday Swap

My holiday swap package (from the $10 swap group) has arrived from Rosemary in England!  It came all wrapped in a Santa stocking.

Kidlet was quite intrigued, she has never seen a Xmas stocking before.  She wanted to try it on, but I nixed that idea.

Inside there were lots of goodies, all wrapped up.

And when we got it all unwrapped, what a treasure trove!

Socks that I’ve had to hide from da kid, a purple crochet hook, a notebook that went straight into my knitting bag for notes and stitch counts, cotton thread, flowers, balloons, a whole package of tea, Cadbury’s chocolate buttons, oodles of beads, a postcard and a bookmark from Cambridge, and yarn!  Lovely Rowan Yarn cotton, and Regia sock yarn in the most luscious colours!!

So I have been spoiled by Rosemary….and what did I send to her?   Crimson sock yarn, an olivewood dove of peace ornament, hamsa stitch markers, lots of Israeli teas, and vanilla halva.

So the holidays just go on and on.  I love it.

Going back to my December challenge, although I stopped posting mitzvot every day in the blog, I continued to search them out.  Donated to Variety Israel for children in need, and got a cute little Kermit button.

I won’t limit the challenge to December, I will continue to try for a mitzvah a day.  I hope it will become a regular habit.  The January theme from NaBloPoMo is “best”.  I don’t yet know what  I will do with it, or if I will – perhaps “my best…”, or “the best of…” – but it won’t be an everyday thing in any case.   

So the winter holidays come to an end, back to routine.


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