If ya can’t beat us, join us!

I’m very proud.

In September we greeted a new “nephew” in the family,  partner’s brother and his wife brought home a beautiful little furry addition to the clan. This is Peki (and kidlet).

Peki is a bright, friendly little fellow who loves visitors and playing.  His favourite toy is, of all things, a stuffed mouse.

Partner felt that Peki was so little, winter could be cold for him, and so she decided that she would knit Peki a sweater!  She hasn’t knit anything in something like 30 years.  But she embraced this new project, and wanted to get right to it.  I went through my mystery stash – a trash-bag size of yarn that someone at work gave me after his wife passed away, huge balls of untagged, unidentified, mostly acrylic yarn of various colours – and chose some yarn, got the required needles, and downloaded the easy dog sweater pattern from Talking Tails.  Partner got to work, and did it all, from casting on to sewing up, all the skills from memory.  Knitting is something that never leaves you!

Peki wore his new sweater for the first time this week, and it seems that in his doggy-walk world he was a sensation!

(Now hopefully we’ll see what project partner will tackle next……)

Knitters take over the world, news at 11.


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