Last candle

And so Chanuka comes to an end for another year.   I made it without having one sufganiya this year!  Yay!  Although some of the “designer” doughnuts this year were quite tempting.  Partner wanted to try the one with vodka, and I sorta liked the idea of some of the new flavours….but we refrained with success.  Thank goodness doughnuts aren’t really that available the rest of the year. 

The flu shot from yesterday knocked me on my butt today, was very tired, just woke up from an after dinner nap.  ^_^  Now I’m waiting for kidlet to come in from a party.

Finished the East Wind West Wind cowl last night, today I cast on for another  cowl, this time in sock yarn – The Abstract Leaves cowl.  Fast knit, already more than a quarter done.    Partner requested a cushion cover, will choose yarn for that on Sunday.  Hm….I may be suffering from startitis, must work on WIPs.

Have a peaceful last candle!


3 Responses to “Last candle”

  1. Roberta Says:

    I read quite a lot but it seems I don’t know any of the titles you mentioned.
    And since I am always open to new ideas – which one should I read first?

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