Winter musings

We have a real storm outside.  The wind is bending the tree outside almost to the ground – kidlet was sure the tree was going to break.  Electricity went out briefly a few times too.  Has winter finally arrived?  I braved the elements to hop over (blew over is more like it) to the clinic this morning to get my swine flu shot.  Or should I say H1N1?  Is there a more politically correct term?  

Trying to get some housework done.  This is not my favourite activity.  I’ve taken a few (*cough*)  breaks to work on a couple of WIPs. 

The East Wind West Wind cowl is almost finished – about 10 more rounds to go.  Here it is about halfway through:

I fell in love with so many scarf patterns from the Red Scarf Project group, I had to get started on one – this is the Ameeta scarf by Deniss Ayselle, I’m knitting it with Nako Bambu, a super-soft bamboo/cashmere blend.

Nike is desperately trying to keep warm, seeking out blankets left around.

She didn’t appreciate the camera flash.

If you know anyone who is a tea lover, you absolutely must check out the Tea Scoop blog today – it’s about all kinds of wonderful tea-related accessories to be found on Etsy.  So many things I want!  There’s a pattern for a teacup and saucer with tea bag and spoon that I just may treat myself to.

Have a fantastic seventh candle!


2 Responses to “Winter musings”

  1. Roberta Says:

    You know I love your blogs 🙂
    And in this one I really like all the pictures (including the piglet) – the Nako Bambu looks great with that pattern (BTW – I bought exactly the same color).

    About the “mitzvot” – I think you are right , when you look for them , the opportunities are there.

    Did you listen to Adam Lambert’s CD? I like it 🙂 I think he needs some new songs written for him in order to be able to show how he can sing.

    • eclecticitee Says:

      I loved that pic of the pig from the minute I saw it – that is one pissed off pig, makes me laugh. I bought lots of the Bambu, in two colours – if I have enough I’ll make a hat to go with the scarf. I may make another chemo cap with the brown/beige colourway.

      I like Adam’s CD a lot – I think he has a wonderful voice and he’s a born showman, good combination.

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