‘Tis the season to be swapping

My Jewish Fiberholics group has a swap every Chanuka.  One of my favourites.  My spoilee got her package a few days ago, and today mine arrived!

I’ll tell you about the fun I had putting together a package for Helen in England.  Eight gifts, for eight candles, of course.    I tried to represent as much of Israel as I could.  A hank of Soul Wool, bulky hand-spun, hand-dyed merino from a family business in Jerusalem.  A package of Safed hand-dipped Chanuka candles.  A CD of Noa and Miri Awad – two wonderful artists.  Dead Sea mud soap.  Israeli teas – Bedouin Chai (Helen loves chai) and herbal tea with za’atar (another popular local spice).  Halvah – some with chocolate, some with vanilla, some with nuts.  A Tree-of-Life bookmark.  And a journal with the cover by Emanuel, an Israeli artist.  Helen had said in her questionnaire that what she wouldn’t want to receive is something like Sarah Palin’s autobiography …. so of course I knew I just had to get that in there somehow.   So…  I printed out the cover of SP’s biography and blue-tacked it to the front of the journal.  😀      It made her laugh. 

Now…my package from Sarah.  Also from England, but farther north.   I didn’t even make it home before I opened it….but that was only because I stopped off at a friend’s shop and she was just as excited as I was and insisted I open it there so she could see too! So there was no question of waiting until candle lighting, or opening only some of the wrapped goodies inside.  I have been so spoiled yet again.

First – the yarn!  A hank of beautiful Crystal Palace Lace, and another of Kilcarra Aran Tweed, you can be sure that I will find wonderful projects for both these lovelies.  Oodles of purple buttons of all shapes and sizes, and even more oodles of purple beads.  Gorgeous rainbow stitch markers – which kidlet tried to snag as a bracelet for herself but didn’t succeed, I will be using those babies.   A puzzle magazine to keep me happy.   A big bottle of organic wool wash, how fantastic and how I’ve needed that!!   A whole box of Cadbury’s chocolate (part of which kidlet did succeed in getting – it’s now hidden).   And lots of yummy teas, including a whole box of Organic Cape Malay Rooibos Chai….some of which has already been steeped and tasted and it is divine.

Two fixes in one week.  Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

I have been terribly remiss with posting mitzvot – although I have not been remiss in doing them, and that’s what’s important, isn’t it?  I have helped a neighbour with carrying parcels upstairs, I have helped tourists find their way around, I have lent my cell phone to a woman who was stranded and whose cell had died, and I stayed with her until her husband picked her up.  I have donated a toy to a group gathering toys for children without.  I have helped another neighbour who needed assistance with some red tape and running around to some offices.    There are really so many opportunities for mitzvot, as soon as you open your eyes and ears and heart to look.  And set yourself a task. 

Happy sixth candle!


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