There’s always one…

Candle lighting was delayed tonight because of a jerky former neighbour.  Well, he’s still in the same place, I’m the one who moved away, but he’s still a problem because I rent out that flat to tenants, and he’s causing them troubles, just like he did to me when I lived there.

You know the type, right?  The one guy who fights with everybody on the block/in the building?  Complains about everyone and everything, but refuses to take part in anything or to pay his share of the maintenance? 

When I lived there he complained all the time about the noise.  (His flat was directly below mine.)  I should explain what his idea of “complaining” is – it usually involved loud shouting and threats.  According to him, I moved furniture “all the time” – that being, for example, moving one’s chair to sit down or to get up at the dining room table.  Sometimes he would send his wife to complain to me – she’s utterly terrified of him.  Once he came and screamed at me that I made an incredible racket in the middle of the night – and this was when I spent the weekend 60 miles from home.  Gee – I wonder who was in my flat and didn’t leave a trace behind. 

During the summer vacation teens usually gather outside by the road, sit on benches with guitars, sing and laugh and act like normal teenagers.  (About 50 feet away from the building.)  One evening there was a bunch enjoying the air,  and I heard Jerk scream out the window that he was trying to sleep, and if they didn’t shut up he would come out with a  gun and shut them up.  Nice guy all round.  He also threatened partner once that if she let our dog do her business anywhere near his windows (which we never did), he would personally stuff “the result” in her mouth.  As I said, charming fellow. 

So.  Nowadays I rent my flat to a lovely older couple.  Sometimes they baby-sit their granddaughters during the day when their grown-up kids are at  work.  When Jerk complained about the noise, I asked the tenants to have the little ones wear slippers instead of shoes when they visit.  They promised.  Jerk continues to complain.  They also “move furniture” all the time.  Other neighbours tell me what lovely, quiet people my tenants are.  When I mention this to Jerk or his wife, they tell me that everyone else is a liar.

Jerk’s wife phones me from time to time and tells me that the noise is making them sick.  Her husband has a bad heart and high blood pressure. She says there are marks in their ceiling  from banging to shut the tenants up, and they just ignore her.   She swears she will drive the tenants out.   I tell her if she tries anything I will help my tenants file a harassment suit against them.

So.  Yesterday Jerk went and filed a police complaint against my tenants.  The tenants’ daughter called me to say they had to report to the police station this evening.  I met them there – my tenants, their son, their daughter, and other neighbours who came with them in support.  We all told our side to the officer in charge of the complaint, who, to his credit, had already figured out just what kind of person he was dealing with, but had to follow through.  He had several suggestions, among them investing in re-doing the floors of the building to reduce noise. Suggestions only, as he can’t order us to do anything.  And considering that this is the Jerk, even if we do he’ll find something to complain about.  (His latest?  The guy who delivers the papers in the morning makes too much noise…)

The officer also had another suggestion.  Once we had all told our stories, he asked us why we don’t take out a group restraining order against this guy?  That way, any time he bangs on a door or tries to complain we can report him for violating the order. 

I’m meeting one of the other neighbours in the morning, and that’s exactly what we’re going to do.   Enough already. 

Have a happy (and quiet) fourth candle!


2 Responses to “There’s always one…”

  1. stuart pollack Says:

    Misspelling in the first line “becasue”.

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