The Let’s get cooking swap!

My package has arrived from Jennifer in England for the November $10 swap, which had the theme “Let’s Get Cooking!”

There’s some Rowan Yarn cotton  in my favourite colour, lots-n-lots of recipe cards, a set of butterfly cookie cutters, a silicon spatula, a knitting puzzle (yay!), a kitchen timer (and just when I needed one, too), and some yummy treats!  Oh, and inside that baked goods card there a lovely button that says I (heart) knitting!

On my end, I wanted to send things to her that perhaps she couldn’t get easily in England, so I sent a jar of spices (za’atar), and some falafel mix, and some vanilla halvah.  I also sent some coconut lipgloss, an onion stamp for fun, a chef magnet  with a clip for the fridge, and some cornflower blue sock yarn!

Oh, and I cushioned the package with scrunched-up (Hebrew) newspapers, which she has smoothed out and is using – pieced together with some packing paper she had in Arabic – to cover with plastic and make notebook covers for her work.  I love it – she is utilising every bit of the package and is creating a statement for co-existence/peace at the same time.  Good job.

‘Twas yet another fun swap !   I’ve had my fix for the week.

Happy third candle tonight!

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