First Candle This-n-thats

Last night we lit the first Chanuka candle.   Then good food, and I managed not to eat a sufganiya (jelly doughnut).

Kidlet’s a little old now for the silly songs.  So we had different songs.  For first night we gave kidlet Adam Lambert’s new disc – “For Your Entertainment” – and we had great fun listening!  Kidlet and I danced, and she tried desperately to teach partner  to dance.  Partner made a valiant effort, but kidlet felt it just didn’t make the grade, ah well.    Partner received Susan Boyle’s first disc, which made her very happy.

And me?  I got Stephanie Pearl-McPhee’s “Never Not Knitting” calendar!!!!  A new knitting gem each day from the Yarn Harlot!!! 

A wee sample:

March 3rd:  Truly, knitting has three enemies: shrinking, moths, and that force of destruction that only knitters know as a peril . . . Velcro.

March 19th:  You know you knit too much when… you hear a neighbour ask your kid if you’re around, and your kid replies, “I don’t know where my mother is, but I know she’s knitting.”

July 21st:  I have come to believe that swatches are not actually small samples of knitting that you use to measure gauge.  (If they were, they would be better at it, wouldn’t they?)  I think they are actually small yarn sacrifices that we offer to the knitting fates as a plea for safe passage.

Only one more (I promise).  June 18th:  You know you knit too much when…your friends say they won’t go to a yarn sale with you unless you promise not to do that thing with the sock yarn again.

Later, kidlet and I were watching a re-run of  Without a Trace, where Jack is missing.  Elena says that her mother’s knitting  group is saying a prayer for him, and Samantha says “Oh, your mother knits?”  Elena’s reply:  “We all knit eventually.”  Made the show for me, I cheeered, although kidlet just rolled her eyes and laughed.

Have a happy second candle!


4 Responses to “First Candle This-n-thats”

  1. inencenut Says:

    Excellent blogpost, great looking weblog, added it to my favorites!

  2. Courtney Says:

    “We all knit eventually.” LOVE it!

    Do you buy your own Hanukkah present?

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