Weather Report?

It was supposed to rain starting early today.  That’s what the weather reports said.  When I set out this morning, the sky was  clear, so I didn’t bother carrying an umbrella.  For once, that was the right choice.

There was a brisk, wind, though.  I sat at an outdoor cafe at noon, but decided to move inside because of the breeze. 

While walking home, a bee flew into my ear.  It flew out immediately, no harm done, but since that’s not an everyday occurance just thought I’d mention it.  I did see a bunch of quite lovely butterflies, one lit on a branch right next to me.  Tried to get a picture, but while I was fiddling with the camera it flew away, so you’ll just have to take my word for it that it was beautiful.  Decided to wander round the front garden with the camera anyway, to share some sights. 

The roses are still in bloom.

The fruit on the lemon tree isn’t ripe yet.

Some of the flowers are blooming, some just past…

I also had a chat with the neighbour’s dog while wandering the garden. 

OK, now that it’s evening the rain has started.  I’m glad it waited.

Mitzvah catch-up:

Yesterday I saw a woman walking a dog along the sidewalk.  She stopped at every garbage bin to rummage around, but came up empty-handed each time.  As she passed, I handed her some change.  She looked a little offended, but I told her it was for the dog, and she smiled and thanked me.  I wish she had stayed around to talk, I wonder about her story.

Today when I caught the bus I asked for a transfer ticket.  Didn’t need one.  When I got off the bus, I handed the ticket to someone waiting at the bus stop.  Wasn’t much, but at least I saved someone the cost of their bus fare.

Time to go light the Chanuka candles!

Happy holiday, everyone!


One Response to “Weather Report?”

  1. Lani Says:

    You are a good soul.

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