A Cool Workspace, or Loving Where You Work

Does your work environment make you happy to get to work?  A work environment, also known as the place that one works. i.e. – in an office building in a cube, at home at the kitchen table, from a car or truck, at a construction site, in an assembly line, sitting with your laptop in the garden, whatever.

Many studies have been done about creating a positive work environment.  While that also includes the work conditions, the people around you, bosses, noise, even air quality, I’m focusing on the personal work space.  Do you like a clean bare workspace with no distractions, a spot with tools of your trade handy, a beautiful view, a space cluttered with personal pictures, toys, mementos?

Alexander Kjerulf has written about some seeeeeeeriously cool workplaces – chosen before the current economic situation, so I don’t know what’s still around, but still, there are some inspiring ideas there.  (I seriously want to get myself one of those conference bikes….and I wanna slide too!!!!)  BTW, AK’s job title is Chief Happiness Officer, which is pretty cool in and of itself.

I like my personal workspace.  I have a super-long desk with everything I need close at hand.

The desk goes on longer from here, then angles off in a different direction for another couple of feet.  When kidlet was little and would come to work with me when she was sick or wasn’t in school, the fellows from one of the assembly lines would bring thick packing foam and make her a bed under my desk.  She could stretch out and go to sleep.  Behind where I sit, there’s a long wall of shelves and filing cabinets, and windows to the outside.  (The window in front of me faces the inside of the building.)

Some of the little things I surround myself with:

The cartoon by my computer station.  I love Randy Glasbergen.  I usually start the week by sending a good morning cartoon to all the top management.  I generally alternate between Randy Glasbergen and Ashleigh Brilliant’s pot shots.  There are binders on my counter with their work, too.

Some of kidlet’s handiwork:

My Goddess mug – very important.

A candy dish and toys for people to play with when they come by.

A few folks who watch over me – there’s Merlin, Prozac the witch, and frog with no name – suggestions are welcome!!!

Lots of plants, here are just a few.  (That’s an origami frog that I made by one, and a doll one of my colleagues brought me from China by another.)

A sign I inherited from my dad’s desk:

More wall art:  Dried flowers and the state of things.

I’d write more but it’s time to go to work!

One Response to “A Cool Workspace, or Loving Where You Work”

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