WIPs, new and old

I’ve been trying to do some WIP-busting lately, as well as tossing some new projects into the mix.

I’ve revived the Glorianna from hibernation.  The project gnome that was hassling me the first time I began this scarf – causing me to frog again and again for stupid mistakes – seems to have lost interest.  Sometimes one has to just put a project aside for a while.  Glorianna has waited patiently for almost a year.  But now she’s back in all her royal purple glory, and I love how she looks so far! 


My op art blanket is the current travelling project – easy to pull out on the bus or train and it doesn’t matter where I start or stop. 

My first attempt at two-at-a-time toe up socks is also out of hibernation.  I’m now trying to figure out how I do the heels…will keep you updated about that.  I love the diagonal stripes in the patterned yarn…

I joined this month’s Cowl KAL  – try saying that 5 times fast.  (KAL = Knit-A-Long)  We’re doing Vent d’est vent d’ouest .  (Translation:  East wind, West wind.)  Lace, of course. 

It’s going very quickly,  and it’s a fun pattern to knit.  Can’t wait until it’s cold enough for cowls!

The Sagrantino is moving along, hexagon by hexagon.  The Luna Moth shawl is waiting until I find the rest of the yarn that is *ahem* hiding somewhere in my stash (*sigh*).  There have been more projects in between all of the above, I will give them their own space later.

Today’s mitzvah (and the reason this post is so late today):  Gave a listening ear to the taxi driver who drove me home tonight.  During the drive, and then off the meter when we arrived.  He’s struggling with a mom in hospital in the terminal stages of cancer, and needed to talk about what he and his family are going through.  I should add that he’s not a total stranger, he’s driven me around before today, so it’s not totally odd that he should confide such personal things.  I was glad to help him get out the feelings he can’t tell others who are too close and dealing with their own pain.  I’ll say a prayer for his mom tonight.

Shabbat shalom.


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