The ETTB was here…

I had a visit from the ETTB last week.  That’s the Europe Traveling Tea Box.  Now what?  Well……

The tea lovers’ group on Ravelry, known as “Cuppa Tea?”, in addition to various swaps has what is known as the Traveling Tea Box, or TTB – ongoing treasure  chests of goodies roaming the world.  It works like this:  One fills a box as full as possible with tea- and knitting-related things – teas, tea accessories, things to go with teas like candies and cookies, yarn, knitting needles or notions or anything with a tea or fiber theme – then mails it off to the next person on the TTB list.  That person receives it, takes out whatever her heart desires from the box, refills it to the top with new things, and sends it on to the next person on the list, and so on.  As the box travels, it becomes a wonderful mix of things from all regions and markets, and includes so many things that one can’t obtain where she is.  At the end of the list, the names are shuffled around, and the box starts off again.

Due to enthusiastic demand, there are, I believe, some 8 TTBs roaming the United States and Canada.  Because it was unfair to demand that some pay much higher postage in order to include the European folk who wanted to join in the fun, a European TTB was started.  That list has now grown to two boxes.  I was lucky enough to be, for the purposes of the ETTB at least, included as part of the area.  Hey, after all, Israel plays in the Europe Cup, and we take part in the Eurovision song contest….not that far away, really.   And for the Aussies in the group, an OzTTB has begun to make its rounds this year!   Thanks to wonderful moderators, we also get some goodies sent back and forth between continents.  Oh, and if one sends the box out again within 24 hours of receiving it, she receives a “hot potato” prize from the hot potato goddess of the group – a wonderful little package filled with personalized goodies!

Last time ‘round, I received the box from someone in Italy, and sent it off to Finland.  Last week, the ETTB2 box arrived from Ireland filled to the brim with goodies , and then off it went to Germany.

I took out samples of all kinds of tea, some from Argentina, some from Germany, some from Finland, some from England, some from the US, as well as some gorgeous Lang yarn, some adorable teapot stitch markers, and more.   The Kool Aid is not for drinking, it’s wonderful for dying yarn…except when kidlet gets her paws on some.   I’ve already started sampling the different teas….yum.  (They’re reviewed in my “tea blog” on Steepster)

I put in all sorts of Israeli teas, some hamsa stitch markers, hand lotion from green tea, “monster” tea bag holders, stroopwafels, vanilla halvah, some olivewood ornaments from the Holy Land for some European Christmas trees, and more.

The Lang yarn – Mille Colori – is so soft!  There was only one ball of yarn, enough for a small project.  I knitted up a chemo cap for a friend who unfortunately needs it right now.  I will give it to her today, if possible.  The pattern is Maureen Keenan’s Lace-Trim Chemo Cap.

That will be my mitzvah for today.  Inspired by NaBloPoMo, I would like to finish off the year 2009 by listing a mitzvah each day of December.  I hope I meet the challenge.


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  1. Daniel Rothner Says:

    If you need help with your Mitzvah a day project you can find ideas and resources at

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