Oops and other stories

I finally got a chance to give Batya her scarf.  But what I didn’t know is that she has a bad allergy to animal fiber!  Even opening the present irritated her hands.   She thought the scarf is absolutely beautiful, but sadly told me that I’ll have to give it to someone else, it would be a shame to waste it on her, since she can’t wear it.    I could kick myself for not knowing about her allergy.   She herself knits so much that I never gave it a second thought.  Lesson learned.    I ignored my own creed of never assume.  I’ve renamed her scarf to Waves of Mist, and I haven’t decided yet what its fate will be.   Anyone else have a story of a gift gone bad?

Luckily, I also made her another gift, she admired a necklace that I wore once, so I made one for her in gold (which she wears) instead of silver (which I usually wear).  That gift was a success!   She wore the necklace all last evening.  

Made the first hexagon for my Sagrantino shawl.  The middle is a bit wonky, I was doing lace in a semi-dark vehicle on a bumpy road, which is no excuse, I know.   It’s blocking now, if I decide I like it I’ll make the rest of the shawl. 

hexagon 1

(And yes, once I saw the photo I noticed the little ladders from the loop…they’re now fixed.)

On an entirely different note, last month my boss and one of the execs went on a business trip to China.  The other fellow knows I love tea, so he asked one of the hosts to make sure to take him to the best tea shop in their city. And he asked me for a specific list of what I want, since he knows nothing about tea and didn’t know what to get me.  Yesterday he got back, and what a treasure! Seems he had quite an adventure, because twice he called me from China that he found a shop but had left the list in the hotel. His heavily Hebrew-accented English and his attempts to say the Chinese names, and the shopkeeper’s Chinese-with-a-sort-of-English made it difficult. But he came through with flying colours and brought me several teas, and even wrote down what the shopkeeper told him they were good for (told mostly through pantomime, he said). And he told me he’d get more next trip!

china tea

The long green package is Lung Ching (which is supposed to help with low blood pressure), the round packages are Yunnan Gold (for stomach upset), and the green packets are Ti Guan Yin (helpful with high cholesterol).

I’m putting the water on to boil NOW!  Thanks, Nir!!


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