WIPs and Swaps

About time for an update! 

I’ve finished with several projects,  so quickly that I haven’t had time to post about them.

Batya’s scarf is finished!  This time around with this pattern I ignored the designer’s instructions for grafting with scrap yarn, and used a plain old kitchener stitch, and I think it looks fabulous!   I’ll give it to Batya this week, before she goes into surgery next Monday.

Batya's scarf 2

     Batya's scarf



I made some squares for a special blanket that will be ready and given as a gift soon – I’ll try to post a picture of the completed blanket as soon as I can.

heart squares
My Wabenschal is done!   Yay!!!!!   It is soooo soft,  I see many hours of wearing this scarf.  A colleague at work declared it special for 1) its pattern, 2) its yarn / texture,  and 3) its colour!   I quite agree.

finished wabenschal

finished wabenschal 2



Got tired of my little palm pilot getting banged about in my bag, and I was constantly cleaning off the screen.  So I grabbed a ball of sock yarn that was only enough for one sock anyway and whipped up a little Palm sock – great project for a couple of hours and it keeps the gadget so much safer.

Palm sock 1

Palm sock 3Palm sock 2

Finished test-knitting a new pattern for a designer, and the result is a perfect gift for someone….but since that someone may read this blog, I’m going to wait and show it off later.

My ABC swap package arrived from Sue in Niagara Falls, Canada – a great package of “H” things!

$10 swap Sep

There are hearts and hippos and handkerchiefs and Handicraft yarn and lots more goodies, and I love those stitch markers! 

I’ve signed up for a few more swaps in the coming months – a November swap about cooking, a new purple swap (I’ll be sending off a package to Australia, and receiving one from Iceland!), and then a Hanukah swap in December.  So I’ve got my fix covered.  For now.

As for what to work on now that I’ve finished a few projects – I’ve dusted off my Luna Moth shawl and I’ve been sailing along with that.  I will take the op art blanket out and get back to work on it.  I do think that casting on for one other project is quite reasonable.  Been working on matching my stash to my project queue and now I have to decide what to work on next!  Such difficult decisions.


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