Shana Tova 5770

A few random notes as we start off the new year 5770. 

Through my Ravelry tea group I discovered a great site for tea lovers: .  It’s a tealog to record teas you’ve tried, what you like and dislike, and you follow others to learn about new teas.   (I passed the news along to my tea group at LibraryThing – everything is connected to everything else.)  It’s a fairly new site, they are still working on a lot of new ideas that will be implemented – but in the meantime, I’m amazed at the database they have, and how many lovely teas there are still to be tried.

Finished the BSJ (that’s Baby Surprise Jacket, a design by Elizabeth Zimmerman) for boss’ granddaughter,  a little late for her birthday but just in time for the holiday – but it’s not sweater weather yet anyway, so that’s ok.   Her mom called day before yesterday, very enthusiastic.  I told her a little bit about the design, and she wants to learn to knit!  (Of course I then told her about Ravelry.)


New Year’s dinner with the family was chaotic but fun.  DD is feeling the age gap more – there were 15 adults, 6 kids from 1-9, and then daughter at 14½.  We told her she’s old enough now to join the adults in conversation instead of “playing” with the kids (or supervising) – although I’m not sure our conversation isn’t boring to her.  For family birthdays, etc, we have let her bring a friend, but holidays are a bit different.  This is going to become more problematic, methinks. 

 Copy of DSC02145  Copy of DSC02159 

Copy of IMG_4032

  Finally bought kid a computer just for herself.  OMG, at last I can be rid of the constant ICQ uh-ohs!!  Not to mention the 4000 bookmarks for heavy metal songs on UTube.   I had them deliver the new computer to work, so my techie friend could check it out, and what luck I did, because they had forgotten to install the wireless card!  So we got on the phone, and they sent the card…which my techie friend pronounced as pure junk and called them to demand they replace it with a better one at no extra cost.  They promised to do so before Rosh HaShana, but simply didn’t get around to it, totally destroying the surprise I had planned for kid by hooking everything up for the holiday.  I was furious!  I’m still waiting for the damn card.  At least kid wasn’t disappointed, because she still doesn’t know about it.  And she was quite happy with the iPod touch….

The rainy season has begun!   It started early this year, though whether that means that we’ll finally have a much-needed wet winter remains to be seen.  Still warm out, but there’s a refreshing taste to the air.    Happy equinox!!

A very happy and sweet new year to everyone,  may it be a year of health and peace.  

new years dove


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2 Responses to “Shana Tova 5770”

  1. Courtney Says:

    Happy Rosh Hashanah, Chana!

    Your daughter is beautiful – and one lucky girl! An iPod touch and a new computer! Nice! It’s sad to be in the age gap. My cousins are all my age or a few years younger, which means I never graduated to the adult table until everyone else did. 😦

  2. Courtney Says:

    Oh, I forgot to comment on the Baby Surprise Jacket. Good job! It’s fantastic! Lucky baby girl.

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