So close, and yet so far…..

The ongoing cozy saga continues.  I discovered a site here in Israel that sells books in English at a reduced price!  I immediately went to the site, started searching for books, and lo and behold, all the authors and books I could wish for!!!     Jubilation!

Ecstatic, I pulled out my wish list by author and started adding books to my cart.  Twelve books and $54 into the list I figured I had better stop for now, even though I hadn’t yet gone past the C’s.  Forced myself to head to checkout.

Once I started the checkout process I discovered that the $54 was without sales tax, so another $9 was added.  OK, they didn’t tell me about that, but still acceptable.

Then fell the blow.  The computer screen next told me that the shipping and handling fee for the 12 books was….. $68. And if I wanted to come to the store and pick up the books myself, the handling fee would only be $63!  Yep, the total would be exactly double the price.     Now, $5 for shipping sounds reasonable enough for an hour’s drive away, but what exactly are they handling?!   I use two other sites in Israel to order books from, and both of them ship for free if you order more than 3 or 4 books.   No handling costs.   I don’t understand this at all.

With great sadness, I went back and deleted the books one by one from my shopping cart, and closed the window with a final sigh.    These folks aren’t getting my money, sorry.


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