Hindered and hobbled by a hurting hallux

I think I may have broken my toe.  The big one.  I tripped over something, and the toe got caught, and I honestly don’t know if it broke.  I only know the pain was excrutiating.  It still hurts a week and a half later.   I thought about having it checked, but I remembered my mother breaking her toe, not once but three times (the same toe), and the doctors didn’t do anything about it except tell her to rest it. 

It doesn’t ache all the time.  Only some of the time.  But if it gets bumped or pushed, yegads.  I’ve been wearing sandals that don’t put pressure on it.  But today I wore different sandals, and now the toe is sore again. 

A bit belatedly I googled broken toes.  Among other things, I learned that the latin name for the big toe is hallux.  I like that, it’s a cross between hallow and horcrux…and if anyone can find a smidgen of significance in that, more power to ’em.  And I found instructional videos on how to tell if your toe is broken.  Comparing toes visually is no good, all my toes are permanently smooshed up anyway from years in pointe shoes.  I tried the wiggle test almost immediately, but I don’t remember if I heard a click or not.    Some of the other ways to check do apply, some don’t.  Let’s hear it for confusion. 

But it seems I was mistaken, and even negligent, to ignore the situation, since there are indeed treatments for broken toes, depending on the injury, and neglecting the toe could cause more damage.   Of course, different medical websites have conflicting advice regarding treatments, some describing “the proper” treatment while others saying said treatment could be harmful.  We can’t expect experts to agree on anything, now, can we? 

Can’t do a thing about it at the moment, as we’re off on a cruise in some 40 hours from now and I have much too much to do.   I’ll simply see how things go, and if the naughty hallux continues to plague me, it will be properly examined when we get back.  A fine Scarlett O’Hara solution, well done.


2 Responses to “Hindered and hobbled by a hurting hallux”

  1. Ger Says:

    Hi Chana, sorry to hear about your toe. Hope you have a great cruise and your toe does not act up. Happy Birthday to you for tomorrow. Enjoy your holiday.
    Aug. partner


  2. Debt Settlement Program Says:

    Great headline.

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