WIP Update

1.  Finished the second chart of Batya’s scarf, now into the repeats.  This will now go faster until I reach the half-way mark.

Can’t wait to block it!   This time the beads stand out better.

2.  In my search for an easy on-the-go project, I decided to use up my scraps of cotton yarn, made myself a Tribble bath scrubbie – it was great as something easy to whip out in odd moments, but it took less than a day.  Oh well.

3.  A few months ago, I received some fantastic Araucania sugarcane yarn in a swap in my Vintage Bitches group.  (Thanks, Angie!!) 

At first I couldn’t decide what project would do it justice, so I’ve let it rest in my stash, only occasionally taking it out to stroke its softness and marvel at its colour and shine.  But it has become more and more insistent that it be knitted with NOW, and finally yesterday I found a suitable pattern!  Lace, of course – the Wabenschal scarf.  So yesterday evening, to the encouragement of my Stitch-n-Bitch group, it was cast on!  I’ve finished the first chart and am now into the second, the main body of the scarf.  It’s taking longer than it should, because I have to stop every couple of rows and go “Ooh”.  It is so amazingly soft!

So…..despite completing three projects this past week, I still have seven WIPs.  Perhaps that’s my magic number, and no matter how much I knit and complete projects, they will replenish to seven.   

I can live with that.



5 Responses to “WIP Update”

  1. Roberta Says:

    Chana… I am sooo jealous!

    Now I am really sorry I didn’t buy that sugarcane yarn in Helsinki.

    Your Wabenschal will be gorgeus 🙂

    I am looking forward to more petting and oohing.


  2. eclecticitee Says:

    I’ll let you pet my Wabenschal if you let me pet your Malabrigo…… 😉

  3. miriamshoshannah Says:

    oh wowsers, I’m a new knitter and am slackjawed over delicate projects like this. Do you have a any simple patterns for a new knitter? I can knit, purl, rib, stockinette, bind off, and do yarnovers, and that’s all I’ve figured out. HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • eclecticitee Says:

      You can do a lot! All knitting is simply two things: knit and purl. Everything else is just a variation of those two things.

      What do you want to make? There are lots and lots of simple patterns!

      I have two suggestions right off. Join Ravelry.com, there are thousands of patterns in the data base to choose from, and more than 600,000 knitters around who are always ready to answer any questions about anything fiber. Also check out KnittingHelp.com – there are videos to show how to do just about everything. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve gone there to make sure I’m doing something right!

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