Worked on Batya’s birthday scarf tonight – finished chart A on the first half of Waves of Grain – sometimes I can’t believe I’m doing this lace in cobweb weight mohair again.  I would love to see this scarf in a heavier weight too, but I don’t know if I want to knit it a third time, no matter how much I like knitting with beads.  After this I look for a new beading pattern, there are lots out there.

Finished the tea towel and coasters for Claire and sent them off – no pictures yet, though, until after she receives them.  It’s a surprise!  Still have lots of linen/cotton yarn left.

Including the birthday scarf, I “only” have seven WIPs at the moment.  Four of them are lace, and one is a colour pattern that demands a chart and constant counting.  That leaves only two for on-the-go projects, that I can whip out on the bus, in waiting rooms, or in a long supermarket checkout line.  One blanket, which is still at a size that I can shlep around, and one pair of socks.  Not really summer projects (well……maybe the socks…..), I’ll have to think about this, a new project may be in order.

This, of course, is what’s commonly known as rationalisation, or self-enabling.    ^_^



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