Bubble Wrap Returns!!!

November 22, 2014

Let’s start the week with a laugh!

It seems not only humans are addicted….just watch:


bubble wrap


Stitch n Bitch n Giggle

November 21, 2014

We got kind of silly at SnB last night.  Which isn’t really that unusual…

Smallish group this time, several couldn’t come.  But someone new joined us, and one spouse as well.  I controlled myself and didn’t wear the new pyjamas out.

I was tired after all the hiking through the zoo, but wild horses, etc…

Yigal caught us a bit blurry…

snb1 20.11.14

Then I became the photographer

snb2 20.11.14

Someone wanted to show off the sweater he knit…   ;-)

snb3 20.11.14

Roberta showed off her wonderful new sweatshirt



We had our recurring argument about her project.  I say it’s pink, she says it’s fuschia, which isn’t pink at all.  (It’s pink.  Hot pink, but pink.)

My goats were much admired.  Which sounds terrible if taken out of context, but you know what I mean.

A lot of knitting, good food and beer, discussion (knitting and other random subjects) and more than a little laughter.

Doesn’t get much better than that.

We’re goin’ to the zoo-zoo-zoo, How about you-you-you

November 20, 2014

You can come too-too-too, We’re goin’ to the zoo-zoo-zoo…

Kidlet had an appointment mid-day, and I promised to pick her up.   In the meantime, I wandered over to the park and into the zoo.

It was pretty quiet, children were still in school, or just out and home for lunch or rest-time.

The carousel outside the zoo gates was still.


Once I came inside,  I encountered birds wandering or wading or tending to their feathers.




There was a whole flock of white and brown birds in one area, and with them one lone flashy type over by the fence…  I wonder if the others play with it, or if it must keep to itself…



At one point kidlet joined me, and we wandered together.

In the midday heat many of the animals were sleeping.  I tried not to bother them, but couldn’t resist snapping a few napping creatures.

Like this magnificent white tiger


The leopard was half awake / half asleep but gave me a drowsy look before flopping back down to snooze…


The karakal was curled up in a corner.


One lioness was eating…something kind of bloody, don’t know what.  The other was watching warily.


Even most of the snakes were taking naps.


The meerkats were wide awake, and fighting over food/bugs.  And planning strategy…


Except for this one, playing king of the hill


The bears were funny.  They had all been for a swim, and some were resting.  One sat and made funny faces at us as we talked to it.


Another was tired and needed something to prop itself up.


We didn’t go into the petting zoo section, although this little one tried to persuade us otherwise.


Whatever your feelings and opinions about zoos, and I’m not even going to go there right now, we can all admire and respect the wide variety of the animal kingdom…




Open Wide. Rinse.

November 19, 2014

Guess where I was today.



Not too bad, I may have flinched or twitched or grimaced a few times.  And when it was all over I was told that somehow it seems I take better care of my bottom teeth and gums than my top teeth and gums.  I hadn’t noticed much of a difference in how I brush…maybe I floss more on the bottom?  Wield that toothpick in a discriminatory way?  Odd.  Do you treat your top teeth differently than your bottom teeth?

The dental tech was amused (and patient) when I got out the camera…

Afterwards, in a nearby shop, purely by accident I encountered  something that made all suffering just fly away.  I wasn’t actually looking for this.  But all resistance was futile.  I got myself a new pair of pyjamas.  And not just any pair of pyjamas.  The end all, never wear anything else ever again, ultimate pair of pyjamas.

First, they are very comfortable, and warm.  (I’m wearing them as I type this.) And they have nice roomy pockets.  And… just check ‘em out:



I plan to sleep in them, work in them, lounge in them, knit in them…




I wonder if I can wear them to go outside…


November 18, 2014

It has been a sad day.  Day to day business goes on, against a backdrop of terror and hate.

26 children lost fathers today.  And the count may well rise.

Social media is filled with anger, talk of more bloodshed.  News is skewed, uintentionally or deliberately.  Condemnation with a qualification or two.   Politicians pontificating.  A few lone voices pleading for a way to reach peace.

My heart hurts.


Give the Door a Hand

November 17, 2014

‘Twas a day of knitting (started the second goat!) in between mundane but necessary tasks.  I did save on parking fees, though.  Stopped by one shop where the shopkeeper had left a message that they got something in I might like.  But when I got there it was all closed up – seems they didn’t open this afternoon.  Then I stopped at the doctor’s office, but there, too, it was dark and locked up.  Contradicting the posted office hours.  Bit of a pain, really.

At least the post office was open as it should be.

post office

I was number 184.  Not enough time to take out the knitting.

After stopping at home the kid and I continued errands together.  Happened to walk by a local cafe near the neighbourhood shopping center and I was struck by their doorstops.

Not that I understood immediately that they were doorstops.  I had to ask the waitress.


She showed me one in action.



Bit disturbing, those hands…

A nice day following the huge storm that lasted the night!

Rooftop steeds. Why?

November 16, 2014

Had a visit with my accountant today.  Going over paperwork, signing stuff, that kind of thing.

Afterwards I wandered a little bit around the neighbourhood before continuing with my errands.  (Two LYSs in the area, I browsed but didn’t buy.  I’m so good!!)

One of the old, kinda seedy hotels in the neighbourhood has a bunch of horse silhouettes on the roof, all around the edges.  I have no idea why.  They looked pretty cool against the stormy sky.  Kind of disconcerting, but cool.


I didn’t go into the building to ask about them.  I’m curious, I may do that some day.  But I was in a rush to get a haircut and hurry home before the next storm hit.

Gallop on!


Channeling Rin-Tin-Tin

November 15, 2014

First goat is finished, doing the in-between bit before starting the second.  Horn is now all properly twisted.



Kessem is casting a noble shadow!  Wonder what she’s thinking?


What is this “old” of which you speak?

November 14, 2014

NaBloPoMo, in order to aid those of us trying to blog every day this month, sends a prompt by email every day.  To give us ideas for writing.

I love prompts.  Even when I don’t use them.  Well, sometimes I do – and sometimes I use them at a later date, sometimes they send me off on a tangent I can have fun with.

Today’s prompt was a good one:

Do you enjoy growing old or do you fight against it?

I’ve always been a little weird regarding age.  Most of my life, I found myself with a group of friends older than me.  I was always “the baby”.  Which drove me nuts much of the time.

So I’ve lied about my age since I was small.  Always adding years.  I wanted the respect that an older age brings.

I recall applying for the summer school job at an elementary school that I mentioned earlier this week.  The program was open to high school seniors, with a possibility for some juniors to take part.  That meant age 17, with some 16-yr-olds being accepted.  I actually bluffed my way into the program, passed the interview with the school principal with flying colours, then when she mentioned that only 16-17-yr-olds were in the program, I looked at her sheepishly and said that I was 15.  Long pause.  Then she said that she would give me a chance anyway.  I was ecstatic!  I thanked her, promised her she wouldn’t be sorry, then ran home and cheered when I walked in the door.  I was so proud!  Especially since in actual fact I was 13.  OK, almost 14.

Well, that’s fine, you say, when you’re young.  Up until drinking age, most kids lie about their age.  Except it never  changed for me.  I was really happy when I turned 21, that’s a cool age.  But when I was 22 the whole 20s scene got old.  I told folks I was 25.  Once I reached 25 I said I was “pushing 30″.  And so on.  Even in mid-late 50s the claim became “almost 60″.

I never understood the desire to claim to be a younger age.  Makes no sense to me.  Today I have friends of all ages, and in some groups I really enjoy my status as the “olde farte”.

On the other hand, most folks tell me I act much younger than my age.  I have no problem communicating with younger adults, or with teenagers.  One of my cousin’s kids made the remark that I seem much closer to him in age than close to his dad’s age.  Many of kidlet’s friends think I’m “cool”.  Many people are surprised when they learn my age.

So I don’t know.  On the one hand, when folks think I’m younger, I’m a little insulted – I still associate age with experience, knowledge, respect, and it’s like they’re depriving me of that.  On the other hand, I think that really they’re talking about my spirit.  I believe I have what is called a “young spirit”.  Maybe that should be called an “ageless spirit”?

As I’ve gotten older, my age has restricted me in some things, mostly physical.  The parts are getting older, but the spirit inside has not.  And that’s what is important to me.

So what exactly is this “old” business?  I like that the phrase is “growing old”, since we’re indeed always growing.  Because it’s when we stop growing, or learning, or discovering, we start dying.  Or, to quote the ever-popular anonymous:

We don’t stop laughing when we get old, we get old when we stop laughing.

Keep laughing, people.  :-D

A Wonky Horn

November 13, 2014

is not to be tolerated. Which is why I am once again tinking the goat.

Just a few rows. I’ve been crazy working, spending a lot of hours at the computer, and friends from abroad are visiting as well, which takes care of the evening hours.

So minutes to knit are few and far between, we’re not even talking about hours. Whenever I can grab time for a row. And today, after finishing three different work projects I finally had some time to sit. And was very surprised to discover that I had reversed a cable a ways down, sending the goat’s horn in an entirely different direction than where it should be.

Brioche is not something that I feel confident to drop and fix, so tink it is.

I’m almost at the point where I can start in the right direction again.

See you on the far side.


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