The ballad of the stove

October 20, 2014

I’ve hoped.  I’ve rejoiced.  I’ve stewed.  I’ve fumed.  I’ve waited.  I’ve threatened.  Now I don’t know whether to laugh or cry.

I promised to keep you updated.  Well gather round, children, and I’ll tell you a tale of customer  service.

Cue the acoustic guitar… (Throw a dulcimer in there too.)

I chose a new stove after careful consideration of all the features I wanted, right?   Remember how excited I was?

Paid for stove, delivery (and taking the old one away), and hookup to the gas line.  The latter two tasks kept me sitting and waiting for days.  The actual delivery was scheduled for between 8 and 12 and the guy arrived at 3.  It took two more days to get a technician from the gas company out to hook it up.  They really need to get their automated call waiting fixed.  On the first call I was told I had a wait of five minutes, I waited twelve.  When they transferred me to someone else, I was told one minute and waited ten.  Fix your clocks, people.  Or something.  Anyway, the guy was scheduled for between 8am and 4pm, got here at 3:30.  Another full day trapped at home.

After the stove had been unwrapped and hooked up, I discovered that there was no storage drawer.  There had definitely been a drawer on the stove in the store, and it was an important feature for me.  Called the store.  They told me there had to be a drawer, maybe it was just stuck.  The guy from the gas company was still here, so we both tried to figure out how to open it.  But it was just a metal plate fastened onto the front.  The guy helped me pick up the whole thing to look underneath.  Vast empty space underneath the oven part, no drawer at all.

Chorus:  And it’s the stove ballad, the ballad of the stove….

Over the next three days, many conversations with the staff at the store.  Lots of different theories, one of which was I didn’t know what I was talking about.  Check if there’s a strip of metal on the sides.  Maybe the wrong model was delivered, check the company and model number.  I kept insisting that there was simply nothing there under the oven.  Finally the folks at the store got hold of the company agent and were amazed to learn for the first time that the company had decided to change the same model to a new one without storage, as there had been some complaints about the drawers.  They hadn’t bothered to let anyone know, not even the stores selling the damn things.  They had simply taken my order and sent me the brand new model.  Sans drawer.

When the folks at the store called me to tell me this, I said, sorry, I want the storage.  What can be done?  (I have to say that the store staff had been working on this non-stop, and they were terrific.)  They said they had no old models in stock.  I asked about the one on display, and was told they couldn’t give me that one.  They said a company representative would phone me.

Chorus:  And it’s the stove ballad, the ballad of the stove….

A rep called.  A week later.  She explained that the manufacturer had changed the model, and that’s all they had available.  She offered to extend the warranty on the stove I received.  I told her not interested, I wanted a stove with storage.  I asked her how to replace the stove that had been delivered, or how to return it.  She got a little huffy, and said if I had used the stove at all I couldn’t return it.  I said I hadn’t used it, the only thing that had been done was the gas guy had turned on all the burners to check if they worked.  She again warned me that if I used it they wouldn’t take it back.  I repeated that I hadn’t and wouldn’t use it.  She said an agent would call me.

Chorus:  And it’s the stove ballad, the ballad of the stove….

No agent called, leaving me with an electric hot plate and a toaster oven to cook a holiday dinner.  We moved the dinner eslewhere.

After two weeks, still no word from an agent.  Granted, there had been a long holiday weekend in there, but still…  I wrote it all down, and marched into the store again.  Demanded to speak with the manager, but he wasn’t there and the shift manager agreed to sit with me.  I told her the whole story.  With all the documentation.  I truly believe that the fault lies with the manufacturer, not the store, but hey, I bought the thing at this store and they need to work it out with the company, and I shouldn’t be the one to have to suffer.  I told her I really didn’t know what my next step should be:  try to talk to the company again, call a lawyer, the Better Business Bureau, or a TV show that helps consumers who are being screwed over.  She assured me that none of those were necessary.  We discussed alternatives.  I said I would either accept an older version of the model – with storage – at no additional expense (including hookup), or a full refund including all the expenses directly connected with operating the stove.  She tried to call the agent.  Busy.  After ten minutes of busy signals, she promised to get back to me.  I left.

Chorus:  And it’s the stove ballad, the ballad of the stove….

She called an hour later.  They would replace the stove with the one on display in the store, since it was the only one they could locate with a drawer, including at their other branches.  (Yes, I know that usually a display item is cheaper, and I did mention that, but I decided not to quibble.  Choose your battles wisely.)  She said it could be delivered the next day, but that I would have to pay for delivery and taking away the other one.  I said nope, I already paid once in good faith for that, I’m not paying twice.  It wasn’t my mistake, so I wouldn’t pay for fixing the mistake.  She said the delivery company had to be paid.  I said not by me, and that she was leaving me no choice but to call a lawyer.  She said she’d get back to me.

Another hour went by, another phone call from the store.  She told me that they would deliver the stove the next day, at no charge to me.  I thanked her for all her efforts.  Then I asked her about the gas hookup.  Which has to be done either by the manufacturer or by the gas company.  She got upset and said there was nothing she could possibly do about that, I would have to pay for it again with the new stove or talk to the manufacturer myself.  I said what, I can get the stove tomorrow and then waste another week or another month trying to get the company to hook me up again?  She said she would get me a specific name and number.

Another hour, another call.  She said that the manufacturer would provide the gas hookup for free.  I thanked her profusely.  She told me that the stove would be delivered the next day.  The guy would call before he came.  (This time, no hours were mentioned and I decided that given the circumstances I wouldn’t push it…)

Chorus:  And it’s the stove ballad, the ballad of the stove….

The following day it wasn’t so bad.  The delivery guys came at around 10am.  Only one teensy weensy problem.  Somehow in the communication it hadn’t been made quite clear to them that I was to get the stove that was on display in the store, so they had brought me a brand new one from the warehouse.

Without a drawer.  I made them check.

Um, no.   Take it back, fellas.

After more conversations all together with the delivery people in my kitchen and the people at the store, they took the newer new stove away and promised to bring the one from the store first thing the next morning.

Chorus:  And it’s the stove ballad, the ballad of the stove….

A little while after they took the wrong stove away,  a rep from the company called and confirmed that as soon as I have a new stove in place, they will send someone to hook it up at no charge.  She  gave me her name and a direct phone number.  I like her better than the first rep who called.  I dont like the elusive agent at all.

Things were lining up.  I became cautiously optimistic.  Emphasis on the cautious.

Chorus:  And it’s the stove ballad, the ballad of the stove….

True to their word, the delivery guys phoned at 6:45 am the next morning, and the stove was in my kitchen by 8.  And…it has a storage drawer.  The electric thingabob to light the gas is slightly different as well, which I didn’t remember, but it’s fine.  Being as it was a short day and before a holiday, I couldn’t call the company for the hookup, but waited until after the weekend.

Added bonus:  The store didn’t use the usual styrofoam to pack the stove back up.  I now have kilometers of  bubble wrap to play with.  I am easily amused.

Chorus:  And it’s the stove ballad, the ballad of the stove….

Due to the holidays and weekend, it was a few days before I could get back to the company rep.  And all of a sudden, she had no recollection of our conversation, and of course she would be happy to send someone to hook me up, for the full regular fee.  I began to shout.  (Kind of scared the kid.)  She told me there was nothing in her records, and that was it.  I don’t like her any more.  At all.

I called the store.  Got put through to the shift manager.  She, at least, does remember me.  Gave her the name of the company rep I spoke to, and she said she would get back to me.  She called back a little later to tell me there was no higher-up at the company she could talk to that day, they were out of the office.  She apologised and said because of the next holiday and the weekend, it may be several days to get it taken care of, but she assured me it would be done as soon as possible.

I wished her a happy holiday, and contemplated another few days still using the hot plate.  Piffle.

Chorus:  And it’s the stove ballad, the ballad of the stove….

Holiday and weekend over, the shift manager called from the store, and said finally everyone was answering their phones, and that I would get a call the same day to arrange a time for gas hookup.

True enough, the company called later in the day and told me someone would be out to me the next afternoon.  Again one of those 12-4 windows with a notice 1/2 hour before arrival (which hadn’t happened in reality yet).  A four hour wait is better than an eight hour one.

Chorus:  And it’s the stove ballad, the ballad of the stove….

Ha.  And he phoned at 11am, arrived at noon.  In, out.  Hooked the stove up, tested it, gave me a lesson in using the stove in 25 words or less, and have a nice day.  It was almost an anticlimax.

I have a working stove.  The one I wanted.

The Stove

39 days.  Not a huge length of time in the grand scheme of things, but way too much time for cooking meals on a hot plate.

I may, of course, regret the whole fuss if the drawer gives me trouble…  But you know what?

At this point, I don’t care.

And the sun has come out after the storm.

Morning sky


A little off the side, please…

October 14, 2014

And it’s the city planning committee at its best. Years ago, they planted trees along the edge of the sidewalk on our street.

Unfortunately, there are also power cables strung along there. I guess when they planted the trees they didn’t think they would actually grow? (I picture a startled and perplexed paper-pushing bureaucrat in my mind…)

So now, when the trees start to get too high, the gardening crew comes along, like they did this week, and cuts down the branches interfering with the power lines. Leaving the trees looking very lopsided and miserable.

side cuts

Did a shoddy job, too.  Some of the cut branches are still dangling there. Poor trees.

side cut

Of course, this is the same department that spends a fortune of our municipal tax money to plant blooming flowering plants at intersections and street islands all over the city, then when the plants stop blooming they send a crew around to dig them all up and plant others that are still in bloom.  Tossing hundreds of perfectly good plants into the garbage.  Several times a year.

One would think they should know better.  Or maybe not.

The October sky this morning perfectly suited my mood.  Even if I’m incapable of putting it into words, nature did a spot-on job.

October sky


Well done, nature.  Still treating us to such beauty even after we abuse you the way we do.  I can understand your anger, though.  I just wish folks would pay more attention to it.

Have an amazing day, peeps.

Baffled by Belgian Beer

October 6, 2014

The weekly grocery shopping trip.  Done after planning the menus for the week, doing a cupboard-and-fridge inventory and making a detailed list.  Asking kidlet for her list.   Hopefully finding and checking the coupons that I never seem to have with me at the right time.

Arrive at the market, check out the current specials and bargains.  Rejoice if one of the specials actually corresponds with something on the list.

OK.  I have a confession to make.  I’m one of those very annoying people who has to go through every aisle and look at every shelf.   Even when I have a specific list and nothing on it is on a particular shelf or in a particular aisle, I will still check out that shelf or that aisle.  Not only in the grocery store, I do it everywhere – bookshops, department stores, drugstores, hardware stores, you name it.  (We won’t even mention yarn shops…)  I have found some of the most amazing things and some of my greatest inspirations that way, but it drives partner absolutely bonkers.  She is more of the “go in-get what you need-get out” sort of person.

We try not to shop together.

(Except in IKEA.  She likes checking out everything there too.  Just at a different pace than me, but never mind..) And we can have lunch in the middle of it all.)

Anyway, today at the grocery store they were having an international beer fest, featuring ales and lagers from all over the world.  I didn’t have beer on my list, but I enjoyed perusing all the unfamiliar brands, wondering what they all taste like.   Then the Belgian shelf stopped me cold.

Beer Shopping

The St. Bernardus beers seem simple enough, prior and abt (abbot?) are appropriate names for the brand picture.  The first one I’m not sure about…a beer called “Wit” ?  I suppose that’s what you think you have after drinking one or two or more bottles of this ale…   Hm?

Then we get to Delirium Nocturnum.  Really?  Night terrors/dementia?  As the name of a beer?  With a scared-looking pink baby elephant on the bottle?  (Pink elephant?  Hey, I get it!  head::desk)  Humour aside, my jaw dropped.  My gob has been smacked.  I suppose that it’s better than Delirium Tremens down at the end of the shelf.  Why in the blue blazes would you name a beer that?  Delirium tremens = the DTs = severe alcohol withdrawal syndrome.  Yeah, just what I want to think about when I’m having a brew.  Can you imagine ordering it?  “Yeah, I’ll have a Delirium Tremens!”

The medical definition of delirium is acute brain failure.  This may be taking truth in advertising a little too far.

And then there’s the one between the two deliriums (deliria?).  La Guillotine.  With a picture of one and an open, waiting box beside it.

OK, I don’t even want to think about the rationale behind that name.

This may be a cultural difference kind of thing.  This company board or whoever simply may have a really dark sense of humour.  I’m sure they’re terrific beers.  And I like dark humour and good beer.

I didn’t buy any, though.

Would you?

The Look Moms Get

October 3, 2014

I got The Look from my daughter again.

You know the one?  That kind of appalled, kind of disdainful, kind of disbelieving that I could say such a thing sort of look?

It always cracks me up.  Isn’t embarassing or freaking our kids out occasionally one of the simple pleasures of parenthood?

This time, she was watching a biography of Kurt Cobain on TV (she’s a big Nirvana fan).  I was sitting nearby knitting. Cobain was asked in an interview “Can money buy happiness?” He considered it and replied “No, of course not.” I remarked “But it can buy yarn, and that’s almost the same thing.”

Kid’s head swiveled around to me, mouth open and The Look in her eyes. I grinned at her.

Yes, darling, mom is crazy and perfectly happy about it.  Deal with it.

Late Night Adventure

September 29, 2014

So Saturday evening kidlet suddenly decided we should have an adventure.  At the very end of a long 4-day holiday weekend, of course.  I love spontaneous, partner is not so good with it.  But she took a deep breath and agreed.  Originally boyfriend was to join us, but his visit with his mom went into overtime and he didn’t want us to have to wait.  So just the four of us (3 human, one canine) piled into the car and we headed north.

We drove through several towns looking for a good place to stop.  Conflicting requirements made this difficult, as kidlet wanted an isolated beach with no one around, partner wanted a safe place that allows dogs, and I wanted a comfy place to sit and gaze at the view.  Not that there would be much of a view, it was just past new moon and everything was pitch black.  But never mind.  Dark beaches are fun with the sounds of pounding surf.

We got as far as Achziv but the nice beaches there were locked and dark.  Kidlet was clamouring to keep going north to Rosh Hanikra on the border, partner was clamouring to turn around already and head back.  I wasn’t interested in getting off the main road to explore the dirt roads with no street lights, so we turned around.

Then by turning down random roads we found a nice almost-deserted beach just north of Nahariya.  No place to sit except on the sand, which we did for a while as kidlet wandered along the rocks by the shore.  Kidlet and I amused ourselves by snapping pictures in the dark, or under the light of the single path lamp, while partner fussed about the bad conditions for picture-taking and that we were being silly.

Well, yeah.  Adventure + silly definitely go together, don’t they?

night beach 2

There were tons of night-blooming flowers scattered around the sand a bit back from the beach.  So we turned our cameras on them as well.

night flowers

And a once-removed photo by kidlet – taking a picture of me taking a picture of the flowers…

night flowers once removed

When we returned to the car we decided we were hungry.  A drive down the main street in Nahariya (with the worst traffic-lights in the country, a 3-5 minute wait every few meters…pfui) and along the beach didn’t show anything we wanted, so we next drove to Akko.  After driving back and forth along the beach we settled on a nice café, with indoor seating, a huge deck, and a bunch of tables on the beach itself.

night cafe Akko 2

There were no tables free on the beach, so we opted for the deck.

night cafe Akko

Good food, too.  We all polished off our meals down to the last bite…

night cafe Akko 3

By this time it was well after midnight.  Vowing to remember this café, we took a final stroll along the boardwalk – well, kidlet, partner and dogbeast strolled, I sat on a convenient bench – and then headed home.

night stroll Akko

So do you prefer spontaneous or planned outings?  With something planned, you have a good idea of where you’re going, what’s available and when, and there’s no wasting time and energy.  With spontaneity, there may be more wandering, and more disappointment and/or arguments, but also more surprises and no pressure from a schedule.  Most people seem to fall into one camp or the other, but compromise is possible with a little effort, as proven by our adventure!

The Roaming Pomegranate

September 25, 2014

There’s an old joke that’s been around for years (even made into a song at one point) that says that Jewish holidays are usually based on three things:

  1. They tried to kill us.
  2. We survived.
  3. Let’s eat.

Food does seem to be central to any kind of celebration.  There are traditional dishes for almost any occasion.  Rosh HaShana is no exception.  Most of the customary food for the new year in the Jewish calendar is sweet, nothing bitter, in order to “ensure” a sweet new year.  (Partner’s father even used to forbid eating the gefilte fish with horseradish on Rosh HaShana, as it was too bitter.)

We dip apples in honey.

We dip challah (sweet egg-bread) in honey.  The challah for the new year is not braided as it usually is for Shabbat and other holidays, but spiraled or round, symbolizing the continuity of Creation, and raisins are often added.

We eat honey cake.  (Well, most do, nobody in our household really likes honey cake that much, so we don’t bother.)

We eat a “new fruit”,  a fruit that has recently come into season but that we have not yet had the opportunity to eat, saying a blessing thanking God for keeping us alive and bringing us to this season.  A pomegranate is often used as this new fruit. In the Bible, the Land of Israel is praised for its pomegranates. It is also said that this fruit contains 613 seeds just as there are 613 mitzvot/commandments. I’ve never actually checked this out by cutting open a pomegranate and literally counting the seeds.  I really wonder who did to make the above claim, or why, or how they even thought of it. But I can attest to the fact that there sure are a lot of tangy-sweet seeds in those things.  Another reason given for blessing and eating pomegranates on Rosh HaShana is that we wish that our good deeds in the coming year will be as plentiful as the seeds of the pomegranate.

So.  At last night’s dinner we dipped our challah

new year challah 75

into honey along with the apples.

sweet new year 75


We saved our pomegranate for dessert – and then ate so much good food that there was no room for dessert.  Oops.  It will be eaten at tonight’s dinner instead.

So I took our pomegranate and started placing it around the house to symbolize a sweet and plentiful new year in many ways.

Catbeast was intrigued.

sny 75 cat

Dogbeast was a little wary of it.

sny 75 dog

And the pomegranate was on the move!

For a sweet year with plenty of work:

sny 75 work

For a sweet year with plenty of reading:

sny 75 books

For a sweet year with plenty of knitting:

sny 75 knitting

For a sweet year with plenty of healthy and tasty food:

sny 75 cooking

For a sweet year with plenty of music:

sny 75 music

For a sweet year with plenty of friends and laughter:

sny 75 friends

For a sweet year with plenty of travel:

sny 75 travel

For a sweet year with plenty of exercise:

sny 75 exercise


For a sweet year with plenty of rest and serenity:

sny 75 rest

And for a sweet new year of peace:

sny 75 peace

L’shana tova, y’all.


In which I begin the year juggling

September 24, 2014

Juggling projects, of course!  Together with life’s little complications.  Let’s see if I can keep it all going in the air, or if one of those little items is going to suddenly fall and smack me on the head…

Is it really too much to ask for one whole day without drama??

Never mind.  I’m on schedule with the Collectively Curiouser, made it to 40% on Sunday.

curiouser 40%

Definitely Space Age Chic.

The Leethal Adventure cowl is 2/3 done, I’m on the third of three skeins and will begin the last section very soon, just a few pattern repeats to go on the center section.

adventureKAL 70%

Can’t wait to lightly block this and really open it up!

Oh, and these two not being enough, I need a special baby gift for a new friend just born in London, so I’m quickly knitting up some MonsterPants.  I’m still at the “pants” part, the “monster” part comes later.

monster front 2


(I can post this now because the new mom is not a fan of internet/blogs, using basically email and skype and that’s about it…)

So.  Three projects that are great to change up, since each has totally different yarn and texture and they provide true variety.

I’m starting my 365 project a day early – even though 5775 (a palindrome year!) only begins tonight, I snapped a few pictures to get me started.  Kidlet had some tests done this morning, so after we left the medical center we stopped to treat ourselves to some chai latte and/or coffee to take home.  I liked this shot, very simple:

shana tova takeout 1

Although I officially chose this next one as today’s picture, since the catbeast decided to photo-bomb my picture.

shana tova takeout

(Oh, we also grabbed some Cinnabuns to go with the drinks, but don’t tell anybody!!!)

shana tova takeout 2


Wishing everyone a very happy, healthy and safe new year!!


A new year in pictures

September 17, 2014

The stove saga continues, but as new issues are developing daily and nothing is as yet resolved I will wait to update you on the whole freakin’ story.


On other fronts:

I tried doing the 365 project a few years ago.  Following the concept of documenting a year, by posting – every day – a photograph you took that day.

I failed miserably.  I loved taking the pictures, just didn’t manage to do it and/or post every day, and soon gave up.  Pity.

Then this week I read this blog entry by author Donna Andrews and was inspired anew.  Should I try again?

The Hebrew year 5775 begins next week.  A perfect opportunity for a fresh start.

Want to join me?   You can sign up (for free) here.  Let’s point and shoot together!

What lurks behind your stove…

September 15, 2014

Hopefully, nothing.  Still, scary.

I live in a rented flat, with an elevator because of my silly hip.  (Mine’s rented out to other tenants.)  It’s a big flat, with an awful lot of advantages (including said elevator and reserved parking space), but the landlord really hates to invest anything in it, so most of the plumbing and wiring and built-in stuff like cupboards are old and somewhat falling apart.  We manage.  Although kidlet is desperate to change the closets in her room.

The kitchen is really in need of some care, but landlord and I have different ideas about that.  So I do what I can with what I have.

And then there’s the stove.  When we moved in, landlord wasn’t sure if the oven worked.  It didn’t.  So I used it as extra storage space and did my baking, etc. in a toaster oven.   The gas burners were weak, but two of the four were ok to cook on for the first couple of years.  Then they just kind of gave up.

I called the gas company to come and check if there was a problem with the hookup.  The fellow who came discovered a bad gas leak in the stove itself.  Not his problem.  Oh, and the gas valve in the wall was way out of date, the company couldn’t approve its use.   So he turned the gas off, and unhooked my stove completely.   Even took the gas hose with him – I guess so I wouldn’t be tempted?  By what, if there isn’t any gas being supplied??  It’s a mystery.  But… I digress.  I had a couple of countertop electric burners to use in the meantime.   I figured I would just buy a new stove myself, instead of arguing with the landlord about it, then if/when I move out I take it with me.  The only discussion I had with landlord was getting his permission to toss the old stove out.  He waffled about it, but finally agreed.

Partner wanted to buy a new stove for my birthday, so we did some searching online then headed for the shops.  We also had to make sure that the folks who deliver the stove will take the old one away.  Found just what I wanted!  With quick delivery, within 3 days.  And that only because of the weekend.

Back at home, with some trepidation, I moved the old stove away from the wall to clean the whole space in readiness for the new stove.  And found a sticky mess.  Old grease.  Walls and floor.  Hey, I had never bothered to move the thing before, what with tubes and hoses and wires and stuff.  And I have no idea who cleaned it before me and when.   I always cleaned around it as best I could, but when I moved it, ew.  Hey, be honest, how often do you clean behind and under your stove?  Got out the super cleanser, buckets and scrubs, and started in, tile by tile.  I also attacked the grease that had spilled down the side of the fridge in between the stove and fridge.  (Luckily, that wasn’t nearly as bad.)  Kidlet did help by scrubbing one of the wall tiles clean.  Leaving the remaining 30-some for me.  She claimed it was impossible with her manicure.  Tell me about it, the cleanser ate half my nail polish and dulled the rest…

Many a scotch brite died in the battle.

stove wall

(This is an after picture, I would put a before picture but it’s just too embarrassing.)

The delivery guys were supposed to come yesterday between 8am and noon.  The salesman at the store had recommended I call the gas company and have a technician come out and inspect/turn on the gas after 1:00, so I could get service all in one day and begin using the stove.  Yeah, right.  Fortunately I listended to my gut and waited to call the gas company.  The delivery guy called at 2:15, said he was 10-15 minutes away.  I waited at the window so I could hit the remote to open the parking gate.  He got here at 3:00.  By the time I finally could call the gas company, their offices were closed.

But I have a stove.

stove packaged

I’ll keep you updated.

Oh, and I met the deadline and finished 20% of the Curiouser shawl.  New goal:  40% by next Sunday.

curiouser 20%

Curiouser. Collectively.

September 10, 2014

Last year I took part in Helen Stewart’s Curious Collective Shawl Project, first blogged about here, and the finished shawl shown here.  The “design by committee” and subsequent KAL was such a hit that Helen decided to do it again this year.  The voting for options of the pattern began on the Curious Handmade blog in mid-July.  After we voted on all the choices, Helen set about designing this year’s shawl pattern.  This year includes both textured and lace elements.

There will be prizes again for those joining the KAL.  We have a new element in the project this year – knitters can join a tribe, for social support and additional prizes!  The tribes are loosely based on the colour combinations one chooses.

With the yarn I am using from my stash – gray and blue – I am firmly in the Space Age Chic tribe, although the yarns I have chosen for my shawl are darker than the colours in the original KAL options.  I declared in the Ravelry discussion that this places me at the head of the Dark-side-of-the-Moon faction of the tribe, which Helen described as brilliant.

Curious KAL yarn 14

Space Age Chic is the smallest tribe, most folks going for English Rose, Enchanted Forest, French Vintage or Art Deco.  Figures.  Of course I would be in the most “exclusive” tribe, right?

The pattern was released this week, and we have a first target of Sunday the 14th to get 20% of the shawl done.  Once the pattern was released, I had the difficult decision of which colour to make the main colour, and which will be the contrast.  I chose the gray Berroco Ultra Alpaca Fine for the textured body, with the  blue Alize Superwash for the lace contrasts.

The first 20 rows of my Collectively Curiouser were quickly done.

curiouser 1


So far I’ve managed to get  10% done, so I’m pretty well on schedule.

curiouser plus 10%

How can I tell how far I’ve reached?  Helen’s patterns make it very easy!  For all rows, she gives both the stitch count you should have at the end of the row, and the percentage of the project you’ve finished.  (That’s on the written directions, which she gives as well as all the charts needed…)

Curious pattern

I love it so  far – garter body, with a stockinette edge, instead of the opposite!  Yes, the edge curls.  It’s supposed to.   It curls as far as the extra-large eyelets, then stops, making it a lovely border for the garter!

curiouser edge

So as of this week I’m juggling this with the leethal Adventure KAL.  Come and join the fun!


knitting curiouser


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